First Apple Watch app for visually impaired people

Look out Trekker Breeze – there’s a new turn-by-turn navigation system for the blind and visually impaired!

I like to share new tech. I haven’t tried this and don’t own an Apple watch, but it’s so great to see technology advance in leaps and bounds!

Check out the new ViaOpta Nav app for the Apple Watch, part of the Novartis Pharmaceutical ViaOpta app suite.

ViaOpta Nav is the first turn-by-turn navigation app available for a wearable device which has been designed specifically for visually impaired people. It uses voice guidance and vibration settings that alert the user to upcoming intersections and landmarks.

The users can ask for their exact position, add waypoints to a calculated route, and find nearby destinations or landmarks and save them as favourites.  See original source.

First Apple Watch app for visually impaired people.


E9 Your FREE Magnifier! Low Vision Hijinx Podcast

Most of us with low vision either don’t have a sighted person around or don’t want to be an irritation to all the sighted people in our house by constantly asking, “Will you read this for me?”

Low Vision Hijinx Podcast Cover

Is that you?

Today’s episode is all about a super simple way to enlarge things, such as the dial on your stove, without needing human help.

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Just use the camera in your smartphone!

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Low Vision Assistive Device – Wear it On Your Prescription Glasses

A new enormously expensive but wonderful adaptive device is now on the market to help people with low vision read everything from the newspaper to food labels. It’s super exciting, but before you dust off the Visa, know this…

This device is $3,500

They just assume we all have an agency to pay for assistive technology OR that we all have deep pockets.

Low Vision Assistive Device – Wear it On Your Prescription Glasses.

Blind/Visually Impaired and Miss Reading? No More!

I just met a wonderful woan who is losing her eyesight who said how much she misses reading. I would too if I didn’t know about the NLS program.

The National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped is s wonderful resource that lets you “read” books and magazines with your ears.

Volunteers, all good readers, read the books and magazines.

The variety of what you can read is broad. You won’t get the book that just hit the stands today, but they are a lot better than they used to be about getting more current titles into audible format. You can even get books in French or Spanish.

Netflix Begins Audio Description for Visually Impaired

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People who are blind or visually impaired often struggle with movies and TV shows. So much of it is visual with no narrative or commentary letting us know what is happening.

American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)'s photo.

Now we’re expanding our accessibility options by adding audio description on select titles, beginning today with our new critically acclaimed series, Marvel’s Daredevil. (source)

Sighted people can see the look of horror, or see that she added 3 drops of clear liquid to the teacup. We with little or no vision often miss those details.

In coming weeks, we’ll add more titles, including current and previous seasons of the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning political thriller House of Cards, Emmy award-winning comedy-drama series Orange is the New Black, as well as Tina Fey’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the epic adventure series Marco Polo.  (source)

When I see a show that has Descriptive Video Service  a service that offers audio description of the action between dialogue, I realize how much I miss on a regular basis. Netflix is finally at long last beginning to offer this great service with some of their shows. Details in the article below. The deaf have had closed captioning for decades. I’m glad Netflix is finally catching the clue bus about audio description. Netflix US & Canada Blog: Netflix Begins Audio Description for Visually Impaired. (source)