First Apple Watch app for visually impaired people

Look out Trekker Breeze – there’s a new turn-by-turn navigation system for the blind and visually impaired!

I like to share new tech. I haven’t tried this and don’t own an Apple watch, but it’s so great to see technology advance in leaps and bounds!

Check out the new ViaOpta Nav app for the Apple Watch, part of the Novartis Pharmaceutical ViaOpta app suite.

ViaOpta Nav is the first turn-by-turn navigation app available for a wearable device which has been designed specifically for visually impaired people. It uses voice guidance and vibration settings that alert the user to upcoming intersections and landmarks.

The users can ask for their exact position, add waypoints to a calculated route, and find nearby destinations or landmarks and save them as favourites.  See original source.

First Apple Watch app for visually impaired people.