E10 How Do Blind People Read Appliances? Low Vision Hijinx Podcast

If you’re losing eyesight or already low vision or blind, you may wonder what to do about reading appliances. For example:

  • Dial on yur stove
  • Microwave touchpad
  • thermostat
  • washing machine
  • clothes dryer
  • blender

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Like anything else, it’s easy when you know how. If you’re losing eyesight, you may not yet be as accustomed to using your hands to see, but you will become used to it! There are little raised dot markers called Bumps that let you mark things like appliances so you can feel the right location.

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Bumps come in clear, orange or black. The clear ones are a bit smaller, good for tight spaces and for not looking strange.

Bumps, Orange XL

The orange ones will stand out against any background if you’re still focused on seeing the control. They won’t work as well on an oven dial, as the numbers are close together.

You can get Bumps at any supplier of blindness/disability supplies, but I love shopping from a place where the people know their stuff and can help you decide which items most fit your needs. That’s Beyond Sight, 5650 S Windermere St, Littleton, Colorado, (303) 795-6455

I hope this helps!

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