Great Touch Screen Computer for Low Vision

Mama's My Teacher

The HP22 is great for teaching Hisham to read, actually he’s learning to read almost all by himself! The touchscreen feature of this computer allows him to navigate the page easily, something he would not be able to do on a standard computer because it is impossible for him to see the mouse cursor (even the ‘larger’ ones).

So why not just use the iPad? Well, although the iPad is great for watching his favourite shows, it lacks screen size making letters hard to read. The HP is 21.5″ so the image is MUCH bigger than the iPad.

You can see him in this video using our favourite reading program from I love using this site because the font is big and easy to read. If he wants to, he can make it even larger by tapping the screen just as you would tap on an iPad. The program also allows him to tap on any…

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