Wishing I Could Get There From Here

Those of us who live with no sidewalks or lights can relate to the troubles of traveling blind/low vision!

Follow Your Dog

A Starbucks, the veterinarian we use, and my hair stylist are all, technically speaking, in walking distance from my home. Technically speaking, I’d end up dead if I tried it.

A few months ago I set out with Josh, a mobility instructor, to check out the route. I’d walked it before with my husband, but wanted to learn how to accomplish it on my own, if possible.

The walk started out easy enough. I live in a neighborhood well supplied with sidewalks. If walking around and around a suburban housing development is your thing, dropping in on a neighbor now and then, then fine. Not so fine, if you’d like to handle an errand or two on foot, get some exercise, and not have to wait for someone to take you or pay someone to get you where you need to go.

I walked along, swinging my cane, up to…

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