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I’m so excited to be going to Michigan for my new Leader Dog!

Even though I haven’t met my dog yet, I love him or her with all my heart! I’ve been getting a few things…a ball, a Himalayan Chew…for the new arrival.

Thie following is a post I wrote on my author blog

Love Letter to My Future Leader Dog

By Ronda Del Boccio

I can hardly wait to meet you, my dear Leader Dog!

The day they bring you to me is a big moment for both of us. You’ve left a family who raised you for a year or more to train for your new life with someone new. It’s a big change. I understand.

Don’t worry. I promise to take good care of you, with plenty of activities, snuggles and fresh air. We’ll live in the country and visit towns and cities. We’ll sit out on the deck at night and listen to the symphony of creatures giving their performance.

Read the full story at Love Letter to My Future Leader Dog | Write On Purpose.

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