Do You Give Your Dog Joint Supplements?

Do you believe in giving your dog nutritional supplements?

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Molly Flagtail lying with nose draped over the arm of a chairI believe in the power of real world food and plants to keep people and animals sound. I use a Vitamix daily to extract nutrients from whole foods.

Supplements are not a cure-all, but I believe if you get high quality whole food supplements, ones that come from actual real world elements, they can help.

This picture if my last guide dog Molly Flagtail lying with her head draped over the arm of a chair. So cute! I still miss her so much.

I helped preserve a high quality of life for my first guide dog Thunder when she  was given only a month to live because of lymphosarcoma. I helped her have almost 4 months after her diagnosis, with no chemotherapy or other unnatural interventions.

I gave my guide dogs joint supplements, because as guide dogs, their life is more demanding. They’re out in the elements with me, winter, summer, and everything in between. They need extra nutrition compared to a dog hanging out mostly inside at home all the time.

I was given a new product to try in exchange for an honest review. CondroBest Liquid Joint Supplement for Dogs  is a well-formulated natural supplement. I’ve tried it out on a couple f dogs. They’ve each had a few doses. The formulation is excellent, with plenty of joint-supporting glucosamine. the liquid is easy to give. Look for it on Amazon and give it a try.

Be sure to muscle test your dog with any supplement and also go with your vet’s recommendation. Muscle testing is easy. Hold the supplement while hugging your dog so you can have contact and hold the bottleLoop your thumb and first finger like a chain link fence. Ask in your mind if this is good for the dog and pull apart your fingers. IF they won’t pull, it’s good. If they fly apart, it’s not.

Here’s my Amazon review.

What do you give your dog?