E5 Pointless Pointing: Low Vision Hijinx Podcast

Welcome  to episode 5 of the low Vision Hijinx Podcast. Today it’s all about “Pointless Pointing.”

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My observation is that most people are NOT observant. SO often I will ask a store employee where something is, only to have them point. So often have I asked directions to the same effect. Pointing.

Here is today’s show audio:

Pointing is not good for someone who doesn’t see well, because, where are you pointing

Now, I do not live in a world full of clueless blind people. I always have a white cane or in times past, a guide dog. It’s pretty clear I don’t see well.

Visually impaired students face the same trouble.

So many instructors have a habit of pointing to something on the board or tapping it with their chalk or dry erase pen.

That is NOT helpful.

Give Clear Directions

If you cannot give clear directions, perhaps you are having trouble with direction in your own life.

Life tends to be a mirror

Practice clarity in your thoughts, words, actions, and giving directions.

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Come back next week for Episode 6, in which I will share my debate and decision to apply to Leader DOgs for the Blind for a guide dog. #LeaderDog

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