#002 Low Vision Hijinx Podcast: Just Growl and Mean It!

Welcome to the second episode of the Low Vision Hijinx Podcast – coming soon to iTunes and other podcast channels!

This episode is all about the time a guy was stalking me at a bus stop and
what I did to get him to leave me alone. Definitely an innovative
technique, and it didn’t require karate lessons! This is a story from my
first book I’ll Push You Steer
Low Vision Hijinx Podcast Cover

When I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, one day I stood at a bus stop and this guy kept circling me, coming closer and closer. I got away peacefully using an unusual method.

You can read this story in my book I’ll Push You Steer: The Definitive Guide to Stumbling Through Life with Blinders On, available on Amazon.

I'll PUsh You Steer by Ronda Del Boccio and Bonnie Teshlisten to the podcast!

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And remember, if someone bothers you, you might just growl – and mean it!

Ronda Del Boccio

Best selling author, speaker and mentor