A Time for Tea

Here is another low vision individual who knows how to use and enjoy the senses!

Adventures in Low Vision

I listen mezmerized as the water flows into the silver tea kettle. The echoes within change from tinny to deep as more liquid fills the chamber. I turn off the faucet and turn on the stove, shifting my attention to which variety of tea I feel like today.

Americans prefer coffee, but plenty of us drink tea, too. Lately my life has been filled with extra events–some planned, others unexpected–and it reminds me to take breaks, to enjoy a respite. Drinking a cup of tea is a great way to enjoy the day.

It’s not easy to say no. I stare into the cabinet. Boxes and bags stare back. Berry Zinger. Sleepytime. Apricot. Chai. Original Liptons. My Irish breakfast and lemon ginger varieties sit at my office. Hmmm. Whichever I choose, others will be left on the shelf.

The kettle whistles, the terrier’s ears draw back. I grab a…

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