Low Vision Author: My First Ever iMovie Creation; Service Dog Relaxing

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself tonight. I am learning how to use my new iPad Mini (LVOE IT!) and I just started learning iMovie today.

I’m taking a class to learn some of the video-making technology for the iPad, and I’m thrilled that I can use the free included Voiceover app to tell me what’s on the screen.

I an turn on Voiceover, run my finger over the controls, and hear what they are. I had to turn it off to enter text (or at least I didn’t figure a way to make it work properly with the app turned on), but that was ok. I even added a sound clip to this short video!

The freedom of being able to create on the go is AMAZING! I don’t HAVE to use a computer with a mouse in order to make videos anymore. Soon I’ll learn how to edit the videos to take out parts I don’t need, etc. Thrilled with today’s progress.

Here is a video of my friend’s service dog “Miss B” relaxing at my place when they came for a visit.  Watch the video.

If you have “low vision” or are losing eyesight, never EVER think it has to hold you back from doing what you want to do!


Ronda Del Boccio

best selling author, speaker and mentor